LOC President


Marjan Šarec, The mayor of Kamnik

Ladies and Gentlemen, distinguished guests,

In Municipality of Kamnik we are very proud of our athletes and their successes in our country as well as at the international level. Sports associations from Kamnik are known as great organizers of sports events, even the great international ones. One of the most recognized organizers, that have already proved its skills in the past, is the Mountain runners club Papež.

Every year they organize many events, one of them – the mountain race to Grintovec, is among the biggest sports events in Slovenia. After successful organisation of the World championship in mountain running in 2010, they have been entrusted with the organization of the 16th European championship in mountain running to Velika planina this year. They enjoy the trust of our local community, so we are delighted to support this project also.
According to runners and visitors that have experienced our event six years ago, the course of this year’s championship Stranje – Sv. Primož – Mala planina – Gradišče is one of the most beautiful courses in the world. Velika planina, a true treasure of our nature, is definitely unique in the world of mountain running. Amazing nature, typical architecture and local delicacies will surely attract many visitors to our municipality and we hope they will enjoy their stay with us and have a chance to visit all the amazing cultural and natural sights of our beautiful town, located in the heart of the Kamnik – Savinja Alps.
The protocol events of the championship will take place in the most beautiful Slovenian city centre, the old city centre of Kamnik, so I invite you all to come and cheer with us for all the tireless runners from across Europe, and to all the runners I wish an amazing, unforgettable race, without any injuries and in the spirit of fair play.

Marjan Šarec
The mayor of Kamnik