LOC address

European Mountain Running Championships 2017 – LOC and TIC Office

Mekinje Stadium of friendship – athletic stadium
Cankarjeva c. 23 a

LOC Information Desk – TIC (Technical Information Centre)


LOC Information Desk will be joined with the TIC and in Kamnik, at the Mekinje Stadium of friendship (Cankarjeva c. 23a)
The office will be open on:

Thursday, 6 July 8h–20h
Friday, 7 July 8h–20h
Saturday, 8 July 6h–20h
Sunday, 9 July 8h–20h

The TIC will be linked to all information desks set up for this event and shall be responsible for the following:

– competition information (Start Lists, Results, etc)
– Liaison points concerning technical matters between Team representative, Technical Delegate and LOC
– Urgent notices – collection and delivery of any urgent written notices to the Team
– Recovery of items left at the Call Room

All technical information concerning the competition will be distributed in the TIC.

Only team leaders will have access to the TIC.

Teams that are not able to attend the Technical Meeting, due to extraordinary circumstances, can collect their information material from the TIC after the technical meeting.

An Information Desk will be also located in the lobby of each team hotel with qualified personnel offering relevant information about all aspects of the European Mountain Running Championships.

For further details about the European Mountain Running Championships in Kamnik please contact:

Mrs.  Špela PAPEŽGeneral Coordinator

e-mail:  info@emrch2017-kamnik.si

tel: +386 31 421 248