Open Race

at the Mekinje Stadium of friendship (Cankarjeva c. 23a)

16th European Mountain Running Championship Velika planina

Saturday, July 8th 2017



Organizer: Mountain running club Papež

Course: single course for runners with a start at Eco resort and finish at Gradišče (men’s EC course). The course runs on a dirt road from Eco resort past the St. Primož church, then on a mountain path across Pirčev vrh, along Mala and Velika planina to the finish at Gradišče. The whole course will be marked by bands, arrows and timing points. There will be appointed assistants and band obstructions on all important crossroads. Along the course there will be 5 refreshment stations, the safety will be ensured by mountain rescue, medical personal, National Guard and firemen.

Categories: Men and women absolute. Due to heavy demands of the course runners under the age of 18 are not allowed to compete. Runners perform on their personal responsibility, preliminary medical examination is recommended.

Limit time: runners that will not pass the controlling point at Kisovec (8 km, the lowest point of the downhill) by 9:00 will be notified of the limit time and judges will exclude them from the race.

Announcement of the results: 9:30 at Gradišče

Access to the finish at Gradišče:

With cable-car from Kamniška Bistrica, there is about 30 min walk from the cable-car station to the finish (300 m altitude difference).
Along all marked hiking trails. At the time of the race, the course is reserved for the runners.

Important: there will be road blocks on the day of the race, so it is recommended to get information about the access from the official website and follow instructions of the assistants along the roads.

The organizer will provide:

Transport of accessories, which will be gathered at the starting point at 6:45.
Contestants get a meal at the finish.
Memorial gift for each contestant.
Contestants will receive a starting number with their name written on it.

440 m Eco resort 1660 m Gradišče 12 km 1295 m 75 m





Each contestant receives a medal at the finish.
Medals and cups for the first three in each category.
Every contestant, listed by 8th June 2017, will receive a special gift.
Drawing of valuable prizes (on 8th May, 31st May 31, 8th June) for the runners that have paid the entry fee.


Pre-entries exclusively, until 4th July 2017 00.00, on the website “”
The entry is valid when the entry fee is paid (20 €). It will not be possible to enter the competition on the day of the race.
The starting numbers will be available on 7th July of from 8.00 to 20.00 at the information office of the European Championship at the Mekinje Stadium of friendship (Cankarjeva c. 23 a) and on the day of the race from 6.00 to 7.00 at the starting point in Eco resort.

Entry fee:  20 € entry fee has to be paid by 4th July 2017, receipts are issued by “Zavod”.


PDF document: OPEN RACE.pdf



We kindly invite all the runners, team members, fans

To join us on Friday 7th July 2017 at 18.00

at the Mekinje Stadium of friendship

(In case of bad weather: Kamnik Sports hall, Šolska ulica 1)


For the opening ceremony of the 16th European Championship in mountain running with the parade, presentation of the teams and a short cultural program.

The closing ceremony with announcement of the best European mountain runners will take place on Saturday, 8th July 8 2017, at 18.00.

We feel deeply honoured to be part of such a great event and you also are important and cherished co-creators. I believe together we will proudly carry the news of this event and the name of our city and our Slovenia far across our borders.


Dušan Papež,
director of the championship