The award ceremony and the closure of the 16th European mountain running championship

The day of the race of the European mountain running championship is behind us, and the best runners have been presented with the medals.

At the award ceremony the welcoming speeches were given by the president of Slovenian athletics association Roman Dobnikar, Dušan Papež, the president of Mountain runners club Papež and the delegate of European athletics association, Gabriela Szabo.

In the junior women category the course was 4,4 km long (430m rise, 10 m downhill) and the best runners were Lisa Oed from Germany, who came to the finish with the time 23:16, she was followed by Bahar Atalay (24:25) from Turkey and Romanian Gabriela Andre Doroftei (24:36).
In the junior women team category the first place went to Great Britain (Dale S., Macfadyen A., Davies H., Thornhill H.), Romanian (Doroftei G. A., Hecico A., Bordeanu I. A., Zudur I. M.) team was second and the Turkish (Atalay B., Gür E., Isot S., Çiftçi B.) team was third.

In the junior men category the course was 8,3 km (1035m rise, 75 m downhill). The gold medal went to Romania, to Gabriel Burda (47:07), Daniel Pattis (47:30) from Italy was second, and the bronze also went to Italy to Andrea Prandi (48:22).
The best Slovenian was Tine Habjan, who came in 41st, he was followed by Nejc Uršič, who was 42nd, Tine Hren 44th and Rok Sušnik was 48th.
As a team Italy (Pattis D., Prandi A., Rostan A., Bonzi M.) was the best, Turkey (Bingöl A., Gűnen E., Kaçmaz C., Alkanoglu A.) second and France (Cachard S., Faricier R., Succo Q., Ribeiro D.) third.

The course for the women category was the same as for the junior men. The new European champion was Maude Mathys from Switzerland, who came to the finish in 49:30, Sarah Tunstall from Great Britain was second (50:51), and Andrea Mayr from Austria was the third (51:43).

The best Slovenian was Klementina Lemut on 41st place, Mojca Koligar was 46th, Mihaela Tušar 51st and Maja Peperko 55th.

In the senior women competition runners from Great Britain (Tunstall S., Wilkinson V., Hilland R., Walshaw K.) were the best as a team, Italy (Belotti V., Bottarelli S., Gaggi A., Galassi S.) was second and Austria (Mayr A., Illes S., Freitag K., Hauser A.) third.

On the most demanding course of the day, men’s race, 12 km (1295 m rise, 75 m downhill) the best was Xavier Chevrier from Italy (1:03:34), the race for second place was really tight and Luis Saraiva (1:03:34) from Portugal came through the finish line just a tenth of a second before Italian Francesco Puppi (1:03:35).

The best Slovenian was Miran Cvet on 21st place, Gašper Bregar was 30th, Rok Bratina 41st, Kovačič Luka 46th.

France (Meyssat E., Zago D., Ranco J., Demure F.) was the best as a team, Italy (Chevrier X., Puppi F., Baldaccini A., Maestri C.) was second and Portugal (Saraiva L., Carvalho J., Lopes C.) third.

After the medals were presented, the ceremonial passing of the official championship flag from Dušan Papež to the organizer of next European championship in 2018, Macedonia, took place.

Results for all categories and Open race (.pdf).